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We love to enjoy life!
We are Ele and Edu, a couple of artists.

We met during the degree, and since then we have not stopped doing projects side by side.

Together we have studied Aerospace Engineering, an MBA, Lighting & Compositing, Unreal Engine, Script for film and television... and many more things. youWe have also always worked together, first as Aerospace Engineers and then as Lighting & Compositing Artists in studios such as Giant Animation, Core Animation or Skydance Animation in projects for Universal, the BBC, Warner Bros or Apple TV, among others.

We love doing things together, like traveling, directing shorts, writing scripts for series and movies, writing stories, drawing, painting, designing board games, composing...


In short: we love to enjoy life! :)


Coming Soon...

Book it now for free and you will getas a gift the digital version of a story.

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¡New Stickers!

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Funny stickers with the best images of  our books and stories

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