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Would you steal from yourself for love?

In a cartoon horror Victorian world, Yex, the richest skeleton in the Empire (and secretly the most famous thief), is forced to steal himself with his gang to sabotage the plans of his rival in love. It's a comedy adventure with plenty of humour, theft, gangsters and magic.



Story Analyst 88524
“The script’s concept definitely presents an entertaining twist to the genre of heist films (which is usually reserved for older audiences), acting as a great jumping off point for a wholesome story for kids.”

Story Analyst 6640ª
“There are a number of very interesting visuals that have been well-thought-out, like the introduction of the Nightmare Thieves and the 2D video game planning of the heist that show the script’s promise.”

Story Analyst A7ACB
“NIGHTMARE THIEVES is an incredibly unique blend of macabre horror world building, heist genre conventions, and romantic drama that reads like a wholly original spin on Corpse Bride meets Oceans 11. The visual intricacies of the world are phenomenal, … ,The world feels expansive and exciting, like anything could happen at any moment, and yet remarkably consistent in its vision.”


Story Analyst F19AE

“It's an enjoyable tale with some entertaining imagery, such as the tree pumpkin, Jack, turning his wooden arms into explosive coconut cannons, or the room flooding as Marlis attempts to solve a riddle that was intended for Merrik to do. It promises to be a striking, absorbing animation that older kids or adults would enjoy watching.”

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