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A short film about change management.

In a laboratory, Hempy, a mouse who is the perfect example of aversion to change, is part of an experiment. He lives a routine life just as he used to live it with his wife, although now he can only remember it. One day, however, another mouse is added to the cage. From then on, everything starts to change little by little: the temperature cycles, the inclination of the cage, the amount of food, and even a snake is introduced into the habitat! Will Hempy manage to give up his comfort zone and follow the new mouse?


A short film about dealing with the passing of time.

In a world where everything is connected by strings controlled by demigods like a loom, Jake lives his life by letting himself go, without squeezing it to the maximum.

Two things to keep in mind in this world: if we go to the right, time passes normally, and if we go to the left, we go backwards in time. The second thing to keep in mind is that humans fill up with colored pearls according to their emotional experiences.

One day, Jake, now an old man, refuses to continue to age and to have the aches and pains of age, and goes back in time, creating tension and tangles in the strings. The demigoddesses will chase him to put everything in order. 

A short film about kindness.

In a small house in a mountain during Christmas, Felix, a forcely retired and grumpy cook, lives alone with his imaginary friends. Each of them represents and powers one of his misbehaviors. However, one day a new neighbour arrives with a kindness that gets on Felix's nerves. Influenced by his imaginary friends, he'll do whatever it takes to get rid of him. Despite all this, Felix fails and argues with his "friends", being let alone on Christmas Eve. Felix ends up having dinner with the neighbour, opening his house and his heart to a stranger for the first time in years.

A short film about dealing with mourning.

What if your new classmate was your grandmother?

In a small town, the ghost of a young girls' grandmother will help her regain the control of her life, pass exams and prepare her first casting. Will they succeed even when the bully is the teacher and the grim reaper is nipping at grandma's heels? And will Samy be able to face the difficulties on her own?

Granny's Recipes is a story that tells that, even if you have lost a loved one, that person will always be with you as long as you keep your memories with him/her alive.

What marks you for life, stays forever in your heart.

Good-natured Ben has been entrusted with the delicate task of taking care of the mischievous Anne, who will keep trying to escape from home in the craziest ways imaginable. But what Ben doesn't know is that Anne is hiding a very special secret. Based on a true story, Anne is a tender story about two very different characters who, deep down, are not so different. 

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A short film about love.

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